From the recording Blacke Antebellum

This song was for all the haters and Artist(s) that left the label, then talk bad about Off Top Records.


Break My Heart Lyric’s
Sky Blacke
Verse one
Never bite the hand that feeds how could you do dat
Never bite the hand that’s feeds I thought you knew that
Now, you throwing shots at me how could you do dat
I’m the one that tried to help I thought you knew that
You a song writer where the music at
You signing contracts where the music at
You was never real
You just wanted to rap
You’ll never be me
Now that’s a rap
They don’t need Off Top oh is that a fact
Well I don’t need you now that’s a fact
They slept on your career, no they just took a nap
When they woke up they realize your style was wack.
Verse two
You still with Off Top That’s a lie
You signed with Off Top that’s a lie
You say you hip hop that’s a lie
You friends with sky blacke that’s a lie
Your album compared to mine nice try
Blacke Antebellum coming out in due time
Top Gear apparel number one clothing line
Never lied to you in one line one time
I’m still in the game you on the side line
Friend or foe well that’s a fine line
So in the back of your mine when im running thru your mind
You can keep your friendship and ill keep mine
Verse three
When times got hard you got the hell out
Let me tell you how I fell get the hell out
With your convict flows you need a bail out
I knew you was fake that why you fell out
Your live shows was wack that’s why we bailed out
Your career is on lock like a jail house
You say you owe me nothing that’s a fair amount
Now im shooting movies like paramount
Your label vs mine lets compare amounts
It aint adding up like your bank account
So on that account let me give you something to think about
I know you wanna come back whats there to think about